Other Services.


You don't need to depend on your imagination to visualize what your business would like in real life. Vague ideas are engineered into processes and concepts, the terminology is created, the look and feel is determined and the whole infrastructure of your product is laid out. It includes the following services;

Process & Concept Mapping
Terminology Creation
Domain Modeling
Architecture Design
Infrastructure Design


If you wish to increase the know-how and expertise of your personnel regarding techniques and technologies used in practice by REFINERI Consultants, we could help you. We could work with you on your premises, organising workshops, tutoring sessions and presentations on the subjects as long as needed.


We can help you if you want to transition into SCRUM or other agile methodologies. Maybe you tried SCRUM and somehow it didn't stick? We could walk the path together into adoption and productivity, not just give few courses and meetings.